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West Covina CDJR is proud to serve the city of Alhambra, CA! At West Covina CDJR, we take pride in our inventory, stacked with an incredible array of work trucks, cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, anddiscounted vehicles. If you're looking for new or used cars near you, then make sure to stop by West Covina CDJR. When it comes to work trucks, we're not just about quantity; we're all about quality. We don't just sell trucks; we offer you the power to make them truly yours. You can have the work truck of your dreams, customized exactly the way you want it. We have stake beds, flat beds, dump trucks, utility bodies, contractor bodies, auto cranes, man-lifts - the possibilities are endless! The real game changer is our financing options; good credit, bad credit, it doesn't matter to us. Our goal is to get you behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. You can even get pre-approved online through our user-friendly credit application on our website. Whatever you need, whether it's a powerful workhorse or a sleek set of wheels, West Covina CDJR can't wait to make your automotive dreams a reality!

Our New Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Inventory

West Covina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram carries a wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. The new inventory that we currently carry consists of our luxurious Chrysler models such as the Chrysler 300 and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, we also have high-end trucks that have many luxury options to make sure you are comfortable when you are doing those big jobs! If you have the need for speed, our new Dodge models such as Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Durango are great options. Of course also our Jeep models are always a wonderful option for an adventure such as offroading or going on a road trip with a spacious comfortable vehicle; fortunately for you, we have plenty of Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Jeep Gladiators, and more! If a sedan is not what you are looking for we have tons of other options that will suit your needs! We have a vast selection of new Ram trucks including the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500, Ram ProMaster, and many more. These are only a few vehicles that we have in our inventory that may suit your needs, we have plenty more vehicles at our dealership so don't miss out on our incredible lineup and see for yourself! We also always offer new car deals and specials, so be sure to contact us today!

Ram 3500

The Ram 3500, a heavy-duty pickup truck, stands as a titan in the automotive landscape, known for its incredible towing and hauling prowess, powerful engine options, and spacious, well-appointed interiors. This truck, part of the Ram Truck brand under Stellantis, excels in delivering exceptional performance and versatility.

Powerful Performance: At the heart of the Ram 3500's appeal lies its raw power. It's offered with a selection of potent engine options, with V8 and diesel powerplants leading the way. The high-end Cummins turbo-diesel engine, in particular, is renowned for its immense torque and impressive towing capabilities. This makes the Ram 3500 a go-to choice for those who require uncompromising strength for demanding tasks, whether it's towing a trailer, hauling heavy loads, or conquering off-road terrain.

Towing and Hauling Champion: The Ram 3500 excels in the realm of towing and payload capacity. With the right configuration, it's capable of towing well over 30,000 pounds, setting it apart as a leader in the heavy-duty truck segment. The robust chassis and suspension systems, along with available features like fifth-wheel and gooseneck towing, enhance its abilities for commercial and recreational purposes.

Luxurious Interior: Contrasting its formidable capabilities, the Ram 3500 also offers a plush and spacious interior. It accommodates up to five adults comfortably, with high-quality materials, available leather upholstery, and advanced technology. Even in work-oriented trims, the interior is designed for convenience and comfort.

Advanced Technology: The Ram 3500 boasts modern technology features, including a user-friendly infotainment system with a large touchscreen, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and available driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring. These technologies elevate the driving experience and improve overall safety.

Versatile Trim Levels: The Ram 3500 offers an array of trim levels, from the base Tradesman to the luxurious Limited. This diversity caters to a wide range of preferences and needs, allowing buyers to choose the level of luxury, performance, and features that align with their requirements.

The Ram 3500 is an imposing and versatile heavy-duty pickup truck that excels in towing and hauling, delivering unwavering power, and offering a premium interior. Its potent engine options, cutting-edge technology, and diverse trim levels make it a top choice for those who need a vehicle that can handle the toughest tasks while providing a comfortable and well-appointed environment for both work and daily life. Whether you're towing, off-roading, or simply looking for a rugged, dependable truck, the Ram 3500 continues to impress with its combination of power and refinement.

Finding the Perfect Work Truck

Selecting the ideal work truck tailored to your specific needs is a pivotal decision that significantly impacts your job performance and overall satisfaction. Whether you're a contractor, business owner, or individual in need of a dependable workhorse, consider the following crucial factors when choosing the work truck that best suits your requirements:

Define Your Purpose:

Start by clarifying the primary purpose of the work truck. Are you in the construction industry, landscaping, deliveries, or another specialized trade? Understanding your specific needs is the first step toward narrowing down your options effectively.

Payload and Towing Capacity:

Evaluate the weight and size of the loads you'll be transporting regularly. Ensure the truck's payload and towing capacity align with your demands. Overloading a truck can lead to safety issues and premature wear and tear.

Size and Cab Configuration:

The truck's size and cab configuration should match your requirements. Smaller trucks, like midsize or compact pickups, may suffice for light-duty tasks, while larger, full-size trucks are better suited for heavy-duty work. Consider the cab size, as well; extended or crew cabs provide extra passenger space and storage.

Fuel Efficiency:

Assess your anticipated fuel consumption. If you'll be covering significant distances, opt for a truck with good fuel efficiency to reduce operating costs. Many modern trucks come with fuel-saving technologies, such as hybrid or diesel options.

Off-Roading Needs:

If your work involves off-road terrain, ensure the truck has the necessary features like four-wheel drive, skid plates, and sufficient ground clearance. Off-road packages, as found in some pickups, enhance the vehicle's ability to handle rugged landscapes.

Storage and Organization:

Evaluate the truck's storage options. Look for toolboxes, built-in cargo management systems, or customizable features that allow you to organize and secure your equipment efficiently.

Technology and Connectivity:

Modern work trucks often come equipped with advanced technology, including infotainment systems, GPS navigation, and connectivity features. These can enhance your job efficiency and make your workday more comfortable.

Budget and Financing:

Consider your budget for purchasing and operating the work truck. Factor in not just the initial cost but also long-term expenses like fuel, maintenance, insurance, and financing. Explore financing options and incentives to make your investment more affordable.

Reliability and Resale Value:

Research the truck's reputation for reliability and resale value. A reliable truck is less likely to have unexpected downtime, while strong resale value can be financially advantageous when you decide to upgrade.

Safety Features:

Prioritize safety features, such as airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and driver-assistance systems like blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. These features enhance safety on the road and contribute to your peace of mind.

In summary, selecting the right work truck requires careful consideration of your specific needs and the truck's capabilities, size, fuel efficiency, off-road capabilities, storage options, technology, budget, and safety features. By thoroughly assessing these factors, you can make an informed decision that empowers you to work efficiently and confidently in your chosen field.

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